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As the number of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Wisconsin grows, more and more communities face the environmental and social impacts and need help. This Web site serves as a portal for information, articles, studies, upcoming events and the latest news.

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May 2015 – Letter to Manure Workgroup – Abandonment Spray Irrigation Systems for Liquid Manure – Includes Supporting Signatures  

To Professor Genskow and all Members of the Manure Workgroup,

Around the state of Wisconsin, where rural communities formerly opened their windows to the fresh air of a new season, people are suffering from exposure to the nearness of untreated sewage from livestock operations.  As the state agency explores aerial spraying systems to dispose of an overflowing flood of manure, grassroots groups foresee an approaching crisis.  Continue reading ….SRWN to Manure Workgroup

December 2015 – Letter to WDNR – Manure Spray Irrigation Expansion Approval – Central Sands Dairy 

Mr. Baeten,

Rural communities around the state of Wisconsin have been following the UW- Extension Manure Irrigation Workgroup since its purposeful beginning over two years ago. As you know from personal experience, members of the Workgroup were asked to carefully review scientific studies on the consequences to human health when liquid manure is dispersed via aerial spraying systems. Continue reading ….SRWN to DNR on Spray Irrigation