Anti-CAFO group updates Saratoga residents on progress

SARATOGA — Central Wisconsin residents who organized to fight a proposed large-scale dairy are circulating a petition asking the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to become directly involved in inspecting another dairy operation.

Friends of Wood County and Its Neighbors, a group formed in opposition to the proposed Golden Sands Family Farms dairy in Saratoga, presented information to the DNR about high nitrate levels in private wells near the Central Sands Dairy in the Juneau County town of Armenia, said Nancy Koch, Friends of Wood County founder. The Wysocki Family of Cos., which is proposing building the large-scale dairy in Saratoga, is part owner of the Armenia dairy.

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Owners of proposed Saratoga dairy file environmental impact report

SARATOGA — The owners of a proposed large-scale dairy announced Friday they’ve filed a required environmental impact report with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.The Wysocki Family of Companies also has created an online tool to provide the public with information about the proposed Golden Sands Family Farm, said Jim Wysocki, chief financial officer for the Wysocki Family of Cos.

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Water contamination problems for Kewaunee County town

TOWN OF LINCOLN – People in one Kewaunee County community say ongoing well contamination problems have gotten worse.

As the weather warms up, residents in the town of Lincoln are reporting more issues with polluted water.

The thin soil and fractured bedrock make the area more susceptible to runoff problems.

“Nice water sure. Looks nice, but looks can be deceiving,” said resident Mick Sagrillo.

Sagrillo, who’s lived in Lincoln for 30 plus years, says tests show what you can’t see.

“Nitrates and bacteria,” Sagrillo said.

He’s been forced to buy bottled water for more than a decade because of a contaminated well.

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Group asks DNR to halt overhead manure application to fields

By Chuck Quirmbach | Wisconsin Public Radio

Citizen groups are asking state health officials to block a plan to spray manure onto fields using overhead irrigators.

The use of rolling irrigation machines that usually spray water for spreading liquid manure on farm fields first triggered controversy about a year ago. The aerial spraying of manure continues on a few Wisconsin farms, but citizen groups want to stop a large farm near Algoma from using its new aerial spraying permit for a DNR-backed research effort.

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Letter: Spray manure irrigation is unhealthy

Letter Appeared in the Green Bay Press Gazette

When talking about disposal of untreated lagoon wastes, people are under the belief that these wastes are simply manure, feces and urine from cattle. That is completely inaccurate. Industrial wastes are taken by landowners and farms, which oftentimes can be delivered in voluminous amounts by the ton.

These landowners and operators receive a “tipping fee” for these wastes. Many of these wastes are simply delivered to digesters or directly to lagoons. Add the compounded toxicity of industrial wastes to these wastes already in lagoons filled with manure and antibiotics, hormones, copper sulfates and voluminous amounts of barn cleaners, and this toxic soup is already land spread in voluminous amounts here in Kewaunee County, and in other areas of the state.

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Rural Groups Call to Halt DNR Manure Spraying Test

Human Exposure to Toxins a Dangerous Threat

COLOMA, WI – Last week, a coalition of grassroots groups concerned with DNR issuing a  permit that allows for testing human exposure to untreated waste wrote to Kitty Rhoades, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, urging her to immediately halt this testing.

“Safe handling and disposal of agricultural waste is the responsibility of our state agency which exists to protect and promote the health and safety of the people of Wisconsin,” said Bob Clarke, president Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network. “As head of DHS, Secretary Rhoades has the moral and ethical responsibility to put a stop to this non-scientific testing.”

Industrial farming has created an unprecedented volume of sewage with the state’s rapidly expanding Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) now numbering over 250.  In response, the dairy industry is promoting aerial spraying systems to disperse this untreated toxic waste.

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4 Wisconsin dairy workers face charges of mistreating animals after undercover investigation

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Four Wisconsin dairy farm workers were charged this week with mistreating animals after an animal-rights group released secretly recorded video that showed employees beating injured cows.

The workers were charged Tuesday in Brown County with either two or three counts of mistreating animals. Each count carries a maximum penalty of nine months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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Disputed expansion of dairy might have statewide impact

In a Green Bay hearing beginning Tuesday, a controversial attempt to expand a dairy farm set to become the fifth largest in Wisconsin will be challenged in a case that could have a far-reaching impact on how Wisconsin regulates industrial-size livestock farms.

Five neighbors of Kinnard Farms Inc. in northeastern Wisconsin are arguing that the state Department of Natural Resources should allow the farm to expand but tighten environmental protection by requiring surface and groundwater monitoring and limiting the number of cows.

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